Do you want to be successful? If so, then what successful traits and habits have developed over the years?

What goals are you trying to achieve yet find no progress or result at all?

Successful and rich people tend to be, well, successful and rich because they achieve their goals.

And most successful people develop small things called habits to help them achieve their goals.

 Habits are powerful repetitive tools that could help you achieve your goal and become rich or get other forms of success.

Successful Habits

7 Different Habits of Successful People.

1. Successful people choose careers that pay based on results, not based on time.

There are many types of jobs out there, but if you have the goal of becoming rich, you should know that time is your greatest asset. Staying in a job that requires you to be present in the office for long hours every day will do very little in terms of increasing your wealth.

A habit found in rich people is that they are after careers that allow them to get paid based on how they perform. Based on their skills. This way, they can develop their skillset to be advanced and use it to increase their monthly income.

As we can see, being paid based on your skills and results could give you two critical advantages. Some factors you would need to become wealthy. Time and scalability.


Person A: Works as an entertainment attendant, he receives fixed monthly income based on hours worked, he is easily replaced and not regarded as highly valuable in the workforce.

Person B: Works as a real estate agent, earns based on deals closed and sellers/buyers assisted. Might work a couple of hours a month. He is regarded as highly valuable due to his skillset and efficiency. The economy is in demand for more people like him.

2. Successful people hold themselves accountable and do not blame society for failure to reach their targets.

It is easy to blame others when things do not go your way, precisely what average people do. They put the blame on someone other than themselves whenever things do not go their way.  Be it their boss, the government, or even society. This is the absolute opposite of what most successful people do. You should know that wealthy and successful people take on a different approach or philosophy.

They do form an opinion of who is responsible for whatever goes wrong. Still, at the same time, successful people understand that this is just another challenge they need to overcome. Blaming your boss will not change the situation. It does nothing other than make you feel oppressed. If you want a result, you will need to act yourself.

Here I am going to mention a different quality that you must possess to become successful. It is the quality of being resourceful. Try to solve problems and obstacles yourself before looking for help. Learn to operate your mind independently to arrive at unique solutions. Think outside the box


Person A: Couldn’t get a job and start his life as the economy he lives in has a shortage of job openings. He stays at home, blaming the government for not providing him with an opportunity to work. Never tried to do something about it and would rather wait for things to change automatically.

Person B: Found himself jobless after graduating college and understood that this world owes him nothing. He knew that unique skills are necessary to thrive in the workplace, so he started investing his time to develop skills that would eventually make him wealthy. 

3. Rich people think about ways to invest, not save.

To become wealthy and successful, it is highly important that you invest money rather than save it. Over the years, we have been taught that saving money is important and essential to creating wealth; however, that’s not exactly true. Wealthy and successful people realize that having $50,000 sitting in your account for 5 years will do you very little to increase your wealth and grow your capital.

The affluent would much rather invest that money in the stock market, real estate, or any high return investment. They use the money to bring them even more money. Sitting on cash is not a good practice if you are trying to become rich and successful. If you w to learn more about the difference between saving and investing, check the article written by talentedladiesclub


Person A: An individual who recently won a huge cash prize immediately opens a savings account and places all the cash in there. 5 years later, he discovers that his money grew very little.

Person B: Another person who was lucky enough to win a hefty sum of cash. Immediately he assigns the cash to three investments, one that would be invested in the stock market, another that would be invested in the real estate, and a third segment that he plans to put it in a savings account as an emergency fund. 5 years later, he discovered that he got a very high return on his smart investments.

4. Rich People spend their time reading books, not watching TV

This is one of the most important habits to have. It is all about investing and managing time properly. Quit wasting your time on things that do not matter and won’t help you progress and start investing that extra time in activities that would benefit you over a short and extended period of time.

It could be extremely difficult to let go of bad – time eating habits you developed long ago. It is a good idea to slowly change the habit until you find yourself with a lot more extra time to invest it in yourself.


Person A: Spends multiple hours watching entertaining YouTube videos that bring him no return at all.

Person B: He is the person who creates those entreating YouTube videos and use it to grow his follower base and increase revenue.

5. Successful people realize that there is always room to grow and learn; they do not claim to know it all.

It is in our nature to feel pride and a false belief that we might know everything about a subject just because we have had success or invested a lot of time in that area.

Successful people make sure that they are always ready to learn and actually do research to learn more about what they do. This way, they have a much higher chance of creating a new invention or discovering a breakthrough in their field before anybody else.


Person A: A person with minimal general and specific knowledge. He always felt that what he knows is the whole truth and no one else could be right unless they agree with him. Believes he knows it all.

Person b: A new real estate agent who continuously learns from people around him. He seeks knowledge and is always looking for ways to grow. He never lost this quality about him and became an expert in real estate investing and other areas.

6. Average people believe money is the root of all evil. Wealthy people realize that money is not good nor bad.

Money is the root of all evil is a famous widespread saying that most of us have heard before. The reality is money is no root of any evil and is not the root of any good. Successful people know that money is what you make it to be. It won’t create happiness or sadness; it will not do harm or good. All those things mentioned would depend on the person and their attitude.

If they rate good, they will use the money for a good cause, and vice versa.

Person A: An under accumulator of wealth that believes money makes people evil, he lives his life hating money and wealthy people; that is one reason he won’t become affluent monetarily.

Person B: A millionaire who has understood that money what he makes it to be. He chose to earn big and become wealthy to help people around him. 

7. Average People depend on luck. Successful people depend on hard work.

It is quite sad that many people would occasionally go and buy lottery tickets in the hope of winning a million-dollar. 99.9% of people won’t win. Even if they do, they find themselves back where they were before winning any money because they lack the financial knowledge to keep it. If you want to get some financial knowledge, have a look here Finance – BoomingMind.

Successful people take on a different approach. They rather invest in their education and attain skills that almost promise them a good return. They realize that becoming rich without financial knowledge and experience would lead a person to go broke again.

Person A: Has a habit of buying lottery tickets every time he’s in a convenience store. Over the years, he has spent thousands of dollars on lottery tickets and get rich overnight courses, just to be even in a worse financial condition after all that.

Person B: Realizes that lottery tickets are not worth the money and get rich quick courses are almost all scams. He saves money and eventually uses it to acquire knowledge and skills that society appreciates. That is how he became successful and wealthy.

To conclude:

There are many differences between the successful and the average, but they are all things that everyone could change.

  1. Choose a career that you can work hard at till you outstand from the rest. Preferably one that does not eat up all your time.
  2. Hold yourself accountable for failure.
  3. Don’t just save your money. Invest it smartly.
  4. Read Books rather than watch Tv.
  5. Seek growth all the time.
  6. Know that money is neither good nor bad.
  7. Don’t depend on luck and easy work. Put in the time and effort.

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