6 Factors That Will Make You Mentally Strong

What makes you think that you would be able to accomplish your career or business goals?

You might be confident because you possess the material resources or a proper educational background. Those are good assets to have, however.

In many cases, you will not realize your goal unless you’re a mentally strong person. The world we live in is getting pretty competitive, as many people have access to the same knowledge you do. Competitiveness means that the playground is getting tougher, and knowledge itself does not guarantee a good result. This statement is especially true for those of us having big goals.

Mental toughness or being mentally strong means that you can perform consistently over time. Even if faced with immense stress and pressure.

In other words, being strong mentally is having the ability to stay focused on your goal even when things do not seem to go according to plan.

Now that we have defined what being mentally strong is let us talk about how you could possess this trait and how it would help you achieve your goals.

The Six Factors That Will Make You Mentally Strong:

1. Having a Burning Desire

Mentally strong people often have a burning desire to accomplish a well-defined goal. Developing mental strength and toughness requires a profound and intense desire to achieve a specific objective that is well defined. Once that desire is in you, it will catalyze your brain to handle obstacles without feeling burned out or overwhelmed. Many successful entrepreneurs possess this trait, and it serves as the main factor and reason behind their success.

Mentally tough people are strong because they have developed the desire to realize their dreams more than the average person who at best, wish his thoughts would magically come true, but their desire/passion is not strong enough to get them to plan and take action.
Developing such a desire for a goal requires that you find what goal truly interests you, then take that goal and place it in the category of needs rather than wants, which means that achieving the goal is a must, more than it is a want. Over time, such practice will enhance your desire for your goal. Waking up every day and looking at the mirror, telling yourself that you need to achieve that goal creates a burning desire.

2. Look for Challenging Situations

Mental strength cannot be developed in a completely comfortable environment. Like muscles, your mind needs to be placed against a force of resistance to react and get used to the situation’s uncomfortableness. The result would be you being able to ignore the pressure and managing that stress in a way so good that you could go through it till the end.
Some people are naturally more attracted to challenges than others, but this keenness could also be developed by anyone who is thinking of becoming tougher.
I urge you to push yourself further and venture out of your comfort zone. All the resistance your mind needs to utilize for growth will be found there. Yes, you will feel the stress and pressure, but you have got to understand that those are good signs. Your mind needs them.
I am willing to say that if the situation you’re in is not stressing you, it’s not contributing to your goal of becoming stronger mentally and help you grow.

3. Be Emotionally Strong

Emotions are powerful and strong; they could make a person successful if controlled and break a person if let go uncontrolled. Emotions influence the mind so much that if they were unstable for any reason, you wouldn’t achieve mental toughness.
For that reason, you must keep your emotions in check and do not let it consume you. An excellent place to start would be practicing yoga or any activity connecting you with your inner self. Once you discover how to control your emotions, you’ll automatically become mentally stronger.
It would be best to discover what makes you happy, sad, angry, fearful, and surprised. Once you identify those cues, it would be easier to keep your emotions in check. Also, you would be able to respond to a situation rather than react to it. There is a big difference between responding and reacting. Responding is generated afterthought, and reacting is triggered before thought. Emotions generally fall in the category of reaction, but only a few manage to stay calm and fully control them.

4. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Thoughts are as much of a culprit as emotions are in rendering a person’s mind weak. If left unchecked, thoughts could be much more dangerous than any other factor as they generally reside in the subconscious mind.
Negative thoughts are the result of a lack in one’s self-confidence. It is not easy to identify those thoughts as most of us are used to having them in our minds and think it’s the right place for them to be in. We do not realize the significant amount of harm that they cause us.
To combat this, you would have to read about people who struggled and overcame their obstacles. The more you read about success stories, the easier you could change your inner thoughts to be positive, and the more powerful your mindset becomes.
Again, all the mentioned factors up to this point are related, and success in one of them would help develop the others.

5. Defining your successes

Another significant factor that leads to developing mental strength is knowing your goal and what is considered a success. The clearer the picture you have in your mind of what you’re trying to do, the more resilient your mind would be in achieving the goal. The reasoning behind this is that you are not confused and know exactly what needs to be done. Confusion is another big culprit that renders people’s mindsets weak.
If you have a big goal like John’s (starting an e-commerce business from scratch), then one important strategy that you would need to implement is breaking down your goals into monthly, weekly, and daily goals that are achievable. This makes your mind understand what you need to do and help you decide what success exactly is, and the result is a mindset that is focused and adaptable to the situation at hand.

6. Substituting Bad Habit with Good Habits

Bad habits bring bad results, and bad results make us lose confidence in ourselves; thus, a weaker mind stays weak. If you think about it, most, if not all, successful entrepreneurs and people in business continuously find ways to better themselves by adopting new positive habits and getting rid of bad negative habits. There are many books on how to substitute a bad habit for a good one. I suggest you start by reading “Atomic Habits” book by James Clear. In it, he carefully explains the steps that you could do right now to change yourself to be better and more productive, and by doing so, you’re going to come out more resilient than before.
After successfully substituting a bad habit for a good one, the next step would be enforcing that habit and storing it in the subconscious mind for it to be done on autopilot mode. Again, this brings about strength mentally because you’re more productive after gaining positive habits.

In conclusion

The ways to form a mental toughness barrier aren’t secretive at all. All you would need is to:
Have a powerful desire
Invest in your growth
Control your emotions
6- Pay attention to your thoughts
Know what you consider success and what you consider failure
Always work on adding good habits in place of bad ones

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